With the NFL on hiatus until the end of July, the CFL has been doing its best to fill the void. If you're not watching Canadian football, now's probably a good time to start.

First, the league gave us Duron Carter and his ridiculous touchdown celebration, which was exciting, but not half as exciting as what happened in Canada on Wednesday night.

Winnipeg wide receiver Ryan Smith caught an eight-yard pass that will likely go down as the greatest accidental, no-look touchdown catch of all-time.

How do you make an "accidental" touchdown catch?

Just watch.

It's almost as if the ball just magically appears in Smith's hands after the throw from quarterback Drew Willy.

Even EA Sports was befuddled by what happened.

Smith literally had no idea how he caught the ball. After the game, he was still trying to figure out exactly what happened.

"It was one of the crazier plays I've seen. It's insane," Smith told the team's official website. "Drew put the ball right where it needed to be ... sometimes you get lucky."

The touchdown catch was a big one, because it gave Winnipeg a 22-7 lead in a game that they'd win 28-24. Smith ended up catching seven passes for 44 yards in the game, but that would be the only one he'd catch by accident.

Smith's play comes less than a week after Carter made a pretty amazing play himself. The son of Cris Carter pulled down a wild touchdown catch on July 1, then proceeded to celebrate by bulldozing the opposing head coach and starting a brawl.

Carter was hit with a one-game suspension for his actions.