The Chargers are headed to Los Angeles because why only have one terrible team in a city that doesn't care about professional football when you can have two terrible teams?

There's more! The team also debuted its new logo Thursday because logos always make fans forgot how bad the football is, right? (Answer: Wrong.) Predictably, Twitter had a field day with the new logo because that's what Twitter is best at.

First, the new image (added bonus: A menacing-looking Philip Rivers, who no doubt just found out he has to relocate his seven kids to L.A. Related: Yes, he wears his helmet and uniform, even when the season's over.)


And here's a sampling of how Twitter reacted to the new logo:

Shocked this next one took so long to find its way online:

This might be our favorite, in terms of originality:

Then there are the old-school references:

And, of course, the requisite Slayer references:

The evolution of a new logo:

And the way-too-obvious-but-it-might-be-better-than-what-they-settled-on logo idea:

In related news: The Chargers and their fancy new look will play in a 30,000-seat soccer stadium for the next two years.