Coby Fleener's dog is huge. (Twitter)

Coby Fleener is a tall man, and not just compared to the average human man, but also compared to most football players. He stands 6-foot-6, which made him the fourth-tallest player on the NFL's tallest team -- the Colts -- this past season.

On Saturday, Fleener posted a photo of himself with his dog via his Twitter account.

Maybe my opinion is skewed because my childhood dog was tiny, but Fleener's dog is GIGANTIC. We're not sure exactly what breed, but it could be an Irish wolfhound. Regardless, look at how tall it is! I know the dog is up on its hind legs, but it's not even standing up all the way straight and it's nearly as tall as Fleener, who again, is one of the NFL's tallest players.

It is certainly much larger than Rob Gronkowski's new friend, in any case.