It's been a rough week for Odell Beckham.

It all started on Monday night when the Giants receiver was held to just 23 yards in his team's 24-10 loss to the Vikings. Not only was Beckham shut down in the game, but he also let his emotions get the best of him: At one point against Minnesota, Beckham got called for an unsportsmanlike penalty for taunting.

Since then, everyone's been piling on Beckham, and not in a good way. Former Giants coach Tom Coughlin says that Beckham is a distraction, while former NFL coach Jon Gruden says that the Giants need to bench their star receiver so he can "refocus."

Former Jets linebacker, and current CBS analyst, Bart Scott, said this week that he would choke Beckham if the two were teammates.

As bad as things have been for Odell, there are still plenty of people out there trying to defend him by pointing out all the good things that he's done.

For instance, take Brad Wing.

The Giants punter, who was also Beckham's teammate for two years in college, said on Thursday that the media should stop focussing on the negative stuff with Odell and focus on the positive stuff.

One of those positive things came before Monday night's game, when Odell walked down the sideline and shook the hand of almost 100 soldiers after the national anthem.

Wing included the following caption with his video:

"The media COMPLETELY controls what you see. They only show what THEY WANT YOU TO SEE. Don't let them completely control your opinion or perception. Spread the love. Some people are so quick to hate."

Beckham might have lost a few fans for losing his cool during the game, but in the larger scheme of things, that doesn't really matter because he made hundreds more fans with this simple pregame gesture.

Here's a few fans who found themselves liking Odell after seeing the clip.

Anyway, on a somewhat related note, Wing knocking the media doesn't really make any sense because that clip he put on his Instagram page only exists because someone in the media (Hobie Artigue, Fox 9) took it, and put it on Twitter.