Since his abrupt retirement from the NFL before the 2017 season, former Colts punter Pat McAfee has just been doing his own thing. He's hosted a show on Barstool Sports, he's appeared as a panelist at WWE events, and he's created "the greatest comedic sports documentary of all time" (his words). During Sunday's 37-5 rout of the Bills, the Colts trotted out a "special guest" to attempt to make three field goals to raise $70,000 for cancer research.

See if you can spot why this guy looked so familiar.

McAfee is out here proving that Kyrie Irving doesn't have the "old man who's really good at sports" market cornered -- although maybe he should. McAfee dribbling the first kick probably had people wondering what was going on -- it would definitely be hard to see that it's McAfee in a mask from the stands -- but the prosthetics McAfee was wearing weren't exactly "Mission Impossible" level. Once he started talking, the jig was (more) up.

McAfee seemed to be enjoying himself, and despite his differences with former Colts GM Ryan Grigson, there's certainly no ill will toward Indianapolis.

"This is the greatest city on earth," he said. "And ladies and gentlemen, it was my honor to raise $70,000 for cancer research. Sorry I missed a couple..."

He made three, so he'll definitely be forgiven. It would have been mighty awkward if he'd shanked two kicks in a row after missing the first one intentionally, but thankfully McAfee doesn't look like he's forgotten how to kick in retirement.