Pink did what Malcolm Butler apparently couldn't (if you talk to Bill Belichick at least) and battled through the flu to deliver the national anthem before the Super Bowl. The Eagles fan needed to pop out a cough drop to do it, but she powered through. Although some users took issue with her rendition of the anthem (and her music in general), Pink seemed to deal with the backlash just fine -- and in her own unique way.

Props to King Sullivan for having the ability to laugh at themselves and change their name to Dirty Couch in response, but if you were seriously thinking about going after Pink for her singing, maybe reconsider.

Pink grew up outside of Philadelphia, so singing in front of her hometown team before it played in what would become the biggest game in the franchise's history was a huge honor for her. She certainly wasn't going to let the flu -- or some trolls on Twitter -- bring her down.

The Eagles went on to win, completing the perfect night for the singer. She added at the end of the night in an Instagram post that singing the national anthem has been her dream since 1991 when she saw Whitney Houston sing it.