Sunday was a nightmare for the Los Angeles Rams, who were eliminated from playoff contention at home, getting totally drubbed by the Atlanta Falcons to the tune of 42-14.

After a 3-1 start, the Rams are now 4-9 and absolutely reeling. The novelty of professional football in Los Angeles appears to have already worn off too, with the Rams failing to pack the Los Angeles Coliseum on Sunday.

The crowd during the first quarter was absolutely abysmal.

This isn't some random section either. The whole stadium was basically empty for the last meaningful game of the Rams' season.

This is where things get really tricky for the front office and coaching staff. Jeff Fisher is clearly in a hot seat situation already, despite getting an extension this offseason, and the absolute worst thing that he can do at this point is fail to pack the stadium.

Owner Stan Kroenke would probably rather have a five-win team packing the stadium than a 10-win team with an empty stadium; generating fan interest in the Rams in a new city is paramount to generating cash and keeping excitement going for the new stadium.

A bad football team drawing no crowds? That's a recipe for disaster, especially when one of the primary faces of the franchise, running back Todd Gurley, is complaining about the Rams having a "middle-school offense."

Gurley isn't necessarily wrong, though. The Rams have been horrific on offense all season. Sunday featured 14 points and the yardage totals belie the actual production.

On their 10th drive, the Rams picked up one first down (by penalty), added zero yards and lost a fumble. When they next got the ball back, the game was over with the Falcons leading 42-0.

For those of you who aren't mathematically inclined, that's six touchdowns for the Falcons in Los Angeles. At the point it was 42-0, that was one more touchdown than the Rams had all season in Los Angeles.

The Rams would tack on two garbage-time scores, but they still have just six offensive scores on the season. Meaning the Falcons as a team have more touchdowns in L.A. than the Rams offense does, and the Falcons offense has the same number of touchdowns in Los Angeles as the Rams offense does.

It's quite the sad scene all around.