The ban on national media interviews Tom Brady instituted last year after returning from his four-game Deflategate suspension appears to be over, as the Patriots quarterback popped on with NFL Network -- and former teammate Willie McGinest -- for a friendly, 10-minute chat Tuesday afternoon from Pats training camp.

Curiously, Brady's red No. 12 jersey was turned inside out when he made the appearance, leading McGinest to wonder exactly why he would have flipped the jersey. After all, Brady was wearing it as normal when he was actually in training camp.

He did, as he explained to McGinest, have to take his pads off before the interview. But Brady also made a coy face when he was explaining (or not explaining as it were) what was happening. 

Perhaps, as posited by Larry Brown Sports, there was a logo issue that Brady didn't want to deal with while doing the interview. You see, Brady is one of the top spokesmen for Under Armour. And on each side of his practice shoulder jersey is a giant Nike swoosh above the Patriots logo.

Brady wore his jersey the normal way during practice. USATSI

Taking off the pads might have flipped the jersey and Brady just forgot to flip it back around. For a guy who is as precise as he is about everything in his life, that seems unlikely.

via NFL Network

Several years ago, then Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III got in trouble with the NFL for altering a Redskins warmup stretch shirt with a bizarre "HEART" lettering designed to cover up the Nike swoosh. Griffin had just signed a lucrative deal with Adidas, even releasing his own logo. (That feels like roughly 500 years ago.) 

"It won't happen again," the league said at the time. And it didn't.

Griffin didn't get hammered with a fine or anything -- the incident occurred in the pregame portion of the regular season. And the guess here is that Brady either a) hasn't violated any rule flagrantly enough to get fined (he didn't alter anything, he just wore a jersey backwards), or b) the league office does not feel like drawing unnecessary attention by chasing after Brady for something that is largely innocuous.