NFL training camps, while not the most thrilling events in sports, are a good place for football fans to get up close and personal with their favorite team and players. It seems like preseason camps have become more of a spectacle over the years, with fans flooding in to get access that won't be available once the regular season gets underway. 

There are a number of ways to take advantage of this opportunity as a fan. Some like to go and scout the team -- gauge the direction they're going in and see what players are poised for a breakout year. Others use it as a family bonding experience -- take the kids to the field and let them soak in the action and create memories that will help strengthen a family sports bond. Additionally, preseason camp is a great place for autograph seekers. 

With increased access comes an increased likelihood you can get your favorite player to sign something for you. Many players are typically generous with their signature and will sign whatever a fan hands them...

...including a baby. Yes, a real life baby.

That was the case at Denver Broncos camp on Friday, when Von Miller delivered his Hancock on a newborn wearing his jersey. While the baby seemed rather indifferent about the whole thing, the baby's (presumed) mother and the crowd around got a kick out of it. Miller even doubled down and held the baby for a picture while the crowd cheered.

It was all very adorable. Let's just hope that young Broncos fan has the discipline to not spit up all over the brand new signed jersey.