Ja'Marr Chase Joe Burrow LSU Tigers Cincinnati Bengals
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Bengals fans were pleased to see their front office draft an offensive weapon for their team to use this upcoming season. Among those excited fans was a player on Cincinnati, starting quarterback Joe Burrow.

Following the selection with the No. 5 overall pick at the NFL Draft on Thursday, Burrow tweeted out a gif of his former college teammate celebrating a touchdown, which Cincy fans will hope will serve as a preview of what's to come.

Chase overlapped with Burrow for the quarterback's junior and senior season's in Baton Rouge, the latter of which was the record-breaking offense that LSU put together to win a national title. This past season, Chase opted out of the 2020-21 college football season in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and the fact that he actually contracted COVID-19. In a recent interview prior to the draft, he revealed that he even needed asthma pumps to help with his trouble breathing.

There are certainly some who might be concerned about a player's viability at the professional level after they not only stepped away from football for a year, but also dealt with a respiratory disease. However, if there's at least one person who's absolutely not concerned about any of that, and is just happy for Chase to be there, it's Burrow.