You know those towels that hang from the hips of pretty much every NFL player? It turns out, players should not throw those towels whenever they're angry at an official. Doing so will result in a 15-yard penalty, a possible ejection, and a pretty big fine.

Just ask Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who was fined $24,309 by the NFL this week, according to USA Today's Tom Pelissero.

During the fourth quarter of the Chiefs' win over the Jaguars, Kelce wanted the officials to throw a flag for defensive pass interference. When they didn't, Kelce decided to throw his towel instead.

Chaos ensued. Another official entered the fray to throw a flag and the first official tossed his hat into the air.

Kelce ended up getting tossed for his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

After the game, Kelce said, "I can't throw my flag on the ref, but he can throw his all day long." Yes, that actually makes sense given the official's job is to throw flags and Kelce's job is to play football.

Later, he apologized for his actions.

The NFL seems to have accepted his apology -- in the form of a hefty fine.