Ryan Fitzpatrick is no longer the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins as the veteran quarterback faces an uncertain future with the franchise. As the trade deadline approaches, there are a few teams that could use a signal-caller of Fitzpatrick's caliber -- and the 37-year-old quarterback would have one final chance to start for a contending team. 

The Dolphins haven't leaked if they are actually trying to deal Fitzpatrick and won't give any indication if they'll move on from him now that Tua Tagovailoa is the starting quarterback. 

"Those questions really go to (general manager) Chris (Grier). They should go to Chris," said Dolphins head coach Brian Flores when asked about trade opportunities regarding Fitzpatrick. "My focus is on the Rams and getting ready for the Rams, getting our players – this team – ready to play the Rams. It's a good opponent. They're tough. They're physical. They're talented. 

"That's really a Chris question. He's the one who handles all the calls from different teams. My focus is on this team, this week and getting our guys ready to play."

Fitzpatrick was visibly frustrated with the Dolphins' decision to make a quarterback change, especially after the start he had to the season. He completed a career-high 70.1% of his passes for 1,525 yards with 10 touchdowns and seven interceptions (95.0 rating). Over the past two games, Fitzpatrick has recorded back-to-back three-touchdown performances, resulting in Dolphins' victories -- making the timing of the situation harder to accept. 

The former Dolphins starter isn't even sure if he actually wants to be traded.

"I have no idea," Fitzpatrick said. "No, I don't go in there and demand or ask for anything. And in terms of the other stuff, the long-term future, I have no idea. I know that I just love playing this game. I love being out there and the camaraderie that that brings and dealing with the adversity with your teammates; those are the kind of things that I truly love about this game, so I definitely like playing more than I like sitting and watching."

The Dolphins -- and Fitzpatrick -- are keeping things close to the vest in regards to trades. Miami is left in a pickle at quarterback if the Dolphins wish to move on from Fitzpatrick, as the team doesn't have a No. 3 quarterback on the active roster -- not exactly an ideal situation for Tagovailoa.