Despite catching 74 balls and going over 1,000 yards receiving on the season, Odell Beckham Jr.'s first year as a member of the Cleveland Browns didn't get off to as good of a start as it could have in 2019. 

Those numbers, while impressive for most receivers in the league, were career-lows for the 27-year-old, outside of the 2017 campaign where he played in just four games before being sidelined due to injury. Beckham caught just four touchdowns on the year and struggled to find any sort of chemistry with quarterback Baker Mayfield as they just barely connected on half (55.6%) of their targets (133). That contributed to Cleveland's 6-10 season as it was on the outside looking in of the playoffs after being a sexy pick prior to the season to make a deep playoff push. 

Beckham was able to play in all 16 games for Cleveland last season, but the receiver did play through a number of injuries that originated even prior to the start of the year. 

"So last year I was training in June and July, and I was kind of just feeling stuff around the groin area, abs and stuff like that," Beckham said in a video released on his YouTube channel. "My third week of training camp, I tear a little piece of my ab. Before the season, I kind of had the hernia thing going on. Sports hernia surgery is what they call it. End up at the end of the season, torn abductor, torn rectus abdominis on the right. 

"Pretty much, I was just f***ed up the whole year. I really didn't try and say anything about it. Probably one of the worst surgeries I've ever had."

Beckham underwent a surgical procedure in late January to fix the hip and groin injury that plagued him throughout the year. Now, he says that rehab is going well and is trying to "hit the reset button" to get back to his healthy, elite self. Beckham believes he's on the path to do just that and with this reset comes what he predicts to be the best version of himself yet. 

"Being able to just get everything fixed. Shoulder, arms, back, everything aligned, functional, moving properly, so I can begin training to get ready for the season," he said. "I would honestly say this is probably going to be one of my best seasons. Bigger, stronger, faster -- this is my time."

Beckham has been the subject of trade rumors this offseason, but the Browns brass has remained firm that he is in their long-term plans. After missing the playoffs last year, the Browns have extended their NFL-record playoff drought to 18 years. If Beckham can return to form and hit 2020 with ferocity, it could go a long way in Cleveland possibly getting over the hump.