It's been 50 days since the NFL Draft ended and in that time, 27 of the league's 31 first-round picks have managed to sign their rookie deal. One of the players who still hasn't signed his deal is Jets linebacker Darron Lee.

If Lee was hoping to get some motherly advice before signing his first contract, he'll definitely be able to get that because he just hired his mom to be his manager.

Lee's mom, Candice, is a weekend anchor for WCMH-TV in Columbus, where she's been on the air since 2007. However, she won't be on the air for the NBC affiliate much longer.

After the draft, Candice decided she was going to quit her job so she could pay more attention to Darron's career.

Watching Darron play in college wasn't too difficult for Candice because he was just down the street at Ohio State. That's not the case now that he's in New York.

"I want to be there for many of his games and working weekends would not be conducive to traveling to see him play," Candice told the Columbus Dispatch recently. "Plus, it was time - I have been in the [TV] business for 19 years."

Darron Lee just hired a solid manager. USATSI

In the NFL, Candice won't just be Darron's biggest fan, she'll also be serving as his manager. Actually, she prefers to use another term.

"He calls me his 'mom-ager,'" Candice said.

According to the Dispatch, Candice will be handling marketing and endorsement opportunities for her son.

Lee's mom won't be negotiating his contract, but maybe she should, because after all, mom does know best. She'd probably have the thing hammered out in hours.

On the other hand, maybe Darron should just let his agent handle things because mom won't be joining him right away. Candice's last day as an anchor in Columbus won't come until July 27.

The Ohio-to-New York connection has been a big one for moms this year. Not only did Candice get a job with her son, but another former Buckeye mom also landed a job after the draft.

A few weeks after the Giants drafted Eli Apple in the first-round, ESPN hired his mom, Annie, to contribute to Sunday NFL Countdown.