Jermaine Gresham is not the only NFL player performing Random Acts of Kindness at the airport this week. Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones was spotted by a fellow passenger wheeling a wheelchair-bound woman through the Appleton International Airport because there was nobody else available to push here. 

The series of photos went viral Tuesday night, and Jones was asked about them at Packers OTAs on Thursday. "I was just doing what anybody else would do," Jones demurred, before eventually explaining the full story of what happened, per USA Today. 

"A lady was sitting next to me, across the row when we were getting off the plane (and) I saw she needed help with her bags," Jones said. "She had a cane, she was dragging her bags, and I was like, 'Do you need help?' And she said yes, so I started carrying her bags and when we were walking off the plane, the flight attendant told her that there would be somebody there to push her with a wheelchair. There were wheelchairs when we walked, but nobody was there, and the wheelchairs were folded up. So I asked if she wanted me to push her and she said yes. I pushed her down to where her daughter was."

While they were on the way to the destination, the woman noticed Jones' tags hanging off his bags. She asked him if he was a player for Packers, and of course, he replied that indeed he is.

"And she was like, my husband would've loved this," Jones said. "You could tell she got excited, and it made me happy. But I didn't know anybody had taken a picture until I got home and got on Twitter."