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As if Tom Brady needed any more motivation to face Aaron Rodgers ahead of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showdown with the Green bay Packers, Jamaal Williams just gave him bulletin board material that will stick in his head for days. Brady, coming off a performance which he didn't know what down it was in a loss to the Chicago Bears, was given a painful reminder of that moment by Williams in the days leading up to the game.

Williams saw an opportunity to throw some shade Brady's way, criticizing the six-time Super Bowl champion for one of the biggest blunders of his Hall of Fame career. 

"I'm pretty sure my quarterback knows what fourth down is, you know what I mean?" Williams said on "The Jamaal Williams Show" on Game On Wisconsin. "That's what I'm saying, like, Aaron Rodgers would never do that. Never. You know what I mean? He's too smart for that."

Facing a fourth-and-6 on his own 41-yard line with the Buccaneers trailing 20-19 with 33 seconds to play, Brady threw an incomplete pass to Cameron Brate that resulted in a turnover on downs. Brady thought the Buccaneers were on third down as he pointed up four fingers to lead official Alex Kemp, and the quarterback and head coach Bruce Arians never really acknowledged Brady's error in the coming days. 

"We would never be in that type of situation because A-Rod is always prepared, always looking at the clock," Williams said. "We've got too many people who are just ready to go. We've been in those types of pressure situations before so I feel like it's just natural for us to be on top of everything and go ball. I would never expect that from my boy [Rodgers]."

Brady has five more Super Bowl titles than Rodgers, but this is just the third time both quarterbacks will meet. Rodgers is having a MVP-type season, completing 70.5% of his passes with 12 touchdowns and no interceptions while Brady has completed 64.3% of his passes with 12 touchdowns (the most through the first five games in a season in Buccaneers history) and four interceptions. Brady has also thrown two pick-sixes this season while Rodgers has only thrown two pick-sixes in his entire career. 

Surely those comments have reached Brady, who will certainly be fired up to face Green Bay Sunday. Perhaps Brady will fire back with comments of his own if the Buccaneers win.