Stephen Gostkowski entered Sunday's AFC title game having gone 523 consecutive extra points without missing. He hadn't missed since 2006 -- his rookie season -- making 562 of his 563 attempts in his career (regular season and playoffs). Even in the playoffs, the pressure always unfazed Gostkowski, who'd converted on all 60 of his chances.

So, of course, Gostkowski missed his first extra point against the Broncos.

Immediately after the Patriots seemingly tied the game at seven points apiece in the first quarter, Gostkowski trotted onto the field for the formality. Instead, the extra point turned into a nightmare. Gostkowski pushed the ball wide and the Patriots still trailed by a point.

I guess that's why the NFL changed the rule this offseason, when they moved the line of scrimmage back to the 15-yard line on extra points. Only two teams voted against that rule change -- the Patriots weren't one of those teams.

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Stephen Gostkowski missed his first career extra point in the playoffs. (SBNation)