When most of the NFL world expected the Patriots to address the quarterback position with ferocity in the 2020 draft, Bill Belichick and company zagged and decided to punt on the position altogether. Despite coming into the draft tied for the second highest amount of picks out of any club in the league, not one was used on a quarterback. 

That turn of events has allowed the drum for the franchise to sign former league MVP and current free agent quarterback Cam Newton to beat even louder. However, it seems to be falling on deaf ears. Jeff Howe of The Athletic reports that New England has still not shown interest in signing Newton, which has been the belief since he was released by the Carolina Panthers earlier this offseason. With the draft coming and going, and the Patriots still without that major splash at the position, the oddsmakers at SportsLine have dubbed New England as the favorites to sign Newton, but, given this latest report from Howe, that may not be the wisest wager. 

The Patriots did sign two undrafted quarterbacks over the weekend, which gives them four total when factoring in second-year signal caller Jarrett Stidham and veteran Brian Hoyer. It wouldn't be surprising to see the Patriots add another experienced quarterback to the mix, but it seems unlikely that it'll be to the caliber of Newton or possibly even Andy Dalton if he were to shake loose from Cincinnati. 

At this point, it seems like the stars are aligning for Stidham, who was the backup to Tom Brady all of last season, to have the inside track at the starting job. He'll, of course, battle things out with Hoyer over the summer and will have to win the job, but it'd be wise for New England to at least see what they have in the former fourth-round pick, who Bill Belichick himself has gone out of his way to praise. The team likes him a lot, they've invested draft capital and time to develop him, and they deserve to see what they have before looking to alternatives. Also, if Stidham proves to not be the franchise quarterback going forwards and falters in 2020, New England would theoretically be jolted into the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes

As for Newton, the NFL Network reported over the weekend that he still wants to be a starter somewhere in the NFL in 2020. While that's what the 30-year-old may be seeking, the well is likely going to come up dry as there are simply no concrete starting jobs available, especially after the events of the draft. The Chargers have their quarterback of the future in Justin Herbert and the Dolphins snagged Tua Tagovailoa, which eliminates two long-term destinations for Newton. Even the New Orleans Saints are on the doorstep of signing veteran Jameis Winston to compete for a backup spot behind Drew Brees. When you factor all those spots coming off the board and New England's reported disinterest, Newton may be a man without a team for quite a bit.