The Las Vegas Raiders' new home, Allegiant Stadium, is continuing to take shape. Construction workers have continued building the stadium through the coronavirus pandemic and fans are starting to get sneak peaks into what the stadium will look like on game days.

It remains to be seen if any fans will be welcomed into stadiums around the league this season, but once people are allowed into Allegiant Stadium, they will see something they've never seen before. This week, the stadium lanai doors opened, giving us a look the memorial torch inside.

It's an 85-foot structure honoring the team's late owner Al Davis, which will be featured on every game day.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, it is the largest structure in the world made from a 3D printer and is made from carbon fiber and aluminum. 

The flame torch is not going to be an actual flame, nor will it be a hologram or projection of a flame. Surrounding the torch will be a circular bar area, which is part of the 55,000 square foot Peristyle Club. Of the nine clubs in the stadium, this is the only one open to all ticket holders.

This structure not only honors Davis, but continues a tradition from Oakland of lighting a flame before games. The pregame ceremony, which often included famous faces lighting the torch, involved saying a famous quote from Davis, "The fire that burns brightest in the Raiders' organization is the will to win."

Fans have already seen first looks at some of the indoor elements and people have been comparing the outside of the stadium to everything from a Roomba to the Death Star. As the stadium construction finishes up, I'm sure there will be more surprises like this one of a kind torch to come.