Peyton Manning's NFL swan song hasn't reached its final note. First there were the weeks of intense rumors and debate about Manning's future. Then, multiple retirement ceremonies, first one with the Broncos and then one with the Colts

We're not done yet though! There's still the matter of which franchise with whom Manning will choose to retire. He played 14 seasons with the Colts, establishing a Hall of Fame legacy well before a second stage of his career. 

So Manning could easily sign a one-day contract with the Colts to retire as a member of Indy. And ultimately, according to a report from Dave Furst of WRTV in Indy, he decided not to, going out as a member of the Broncos.

There's certainly some nuance here. 

It's not like Manning spit on someone's grave in Indy or just can't stand the way the Colts ran him off and is refusing to go back. He had a retirement ceremony in Indy and got his jersey number retired.

He's either the greatest Colts player of all time or part of some really heated argument involving Johnny Unitas for the honor. 

Maybe it's as simple as Manning believing the best way to walk away is not draw too much attention to yourself. He got the ceremonies and he won a Super Bowl in his final game. He's probably content with the way things are going. 

Sorry, Jim Irsay, but Peyton is retiring a Bronco. (USATSI)