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To retire, or not retire, that is the question for four-time Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski. The 32-year-old already retired once in 2019, but decided to come back to join his longtime quarterback and good friend Tom Brady with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There is no word on what No. 87 plans to do now, though Brady coming out of retirement does give more of a chance for Gronk to make a return, since he has said in the past he would only play with TB12 as his quarterback.

Gronk was asked about whether he would come back or not in a "Would You Rather" game at his Gronk Beach Las Vegas event during draft weekend, but his response did not give football fans much of an answer.

When asked if he would rather retire or play another year, Gronkowski said, "Oh man, I'm gonna do both."

The person behind the camera said, "I feel like you already have," to which Gronk responded, "That's why I'm doing both."

The tight end is clearly not giving away any hints on what his future holds.

When asked if he would rather play for the New England Patriots for one more season or be the third member of the Chainsmokers, he said, "Oh man, I'd be the third member of the Chainsmokers, because that's gonna last a lifetime."

Don't take it personal Pats fans.

If given the option to go on the TB12 diet, which is very strict, for a year or have Patriots head coach Bill Belichick DJ his party, Gronkowski chose the former, but said it's not because he doesn't trust BB's music taste. 

"I do want him to DJ, but that only lasts two hours. I would look nice and juicy after the TB12 diet for a year."

If Belichick ever DJ'd a party, he would probably play a lot of Bon Jovi, a frequent fan at games, maybe some Hoodie Allen in honor of his favorite outfit and "All I Do is Win" by DJ Khaled for his Super Bowl championships.

Gronk also said he would rather win the Super Bowl MVP than win the Royal Rumble and would rather form a tag team with San Fransisco's George Kittle over Kansas City's Travis Kelce, because No. 85 is "more of a personality."