The Chargers' move to Los Angeles from San Diego has been dealt with in a predictable fashion: not great. The city of San Diego has already made their opinion of the relocation pretty clear, but some restaurants are giving back to the San Diego community in other ways. Schadenfreude is one of the most powerful forces in sports, and the owner of the El Pollo Grill is celebrating that phenomenon with free tacos.

Tacos at El Pollo aren't necessarily expensive for starters -- they're only $2.99 -- but free things are always nice. After every Chargers loss this year, patrons can go to the grill and say "Spanos Taco," (which is hilarious in its own right) and get treated to a free taco.

As for why? Victor Lopez doesn't mince words.

"My main purpose is so the Chargers hopefully lose," he said. "They lose 16 games that means 16 times that you can come get a free taco -- it's OK with me."

The only force more powerful than capitalism: hating owners that take teams from cities. The Chargers are currently 0-2, having lost two games in very Chargers fashion, and Los Angeles doesn't seem too enamored with its new team. Perhaps things will get better in Carson, but for the moment San Diego is definitely having the last laugh.