Las Vegas might run out of money if the Carolina Panthers win Super Bowl 50.

OK, Vegas will never run out of money, but the sportsbooks there could take a hit if the Panthers top the Broncos on Super Bowl Sunday, and that's because everyone's betting on the Panthers.

According to John Avello, the sportsbook director at Wynn and Encore, there's almost no one putting money on the Broncos.

"Over 80 percent of the early money and tickets are on the Panthers -4.5, and we are still writing tickets at that ratio," Avello told

There's been so much money coming in on the Panthers that Vegas has had to move the line almost 1.5 points. Carolina is now favored by 5.5 points to 6 points in most sportsbooks.

The money coming in on Carolina includes a huge $623,142.25 bet that was placed at William Hill, according to ESPN.

The big bet was placed on the money line, so if the Panthers win by one or more, the bettor wins. The bet came in at -190 odds, so if Carolina tops Denver, the bettor will go home with a $327,969.60 profit.

Of course, there's always that chance that bettors looking to back the Broncos could just be waiting to place their bet. Last year, the Seahawks were underdogs heading into Super Bowl Sunday, but so much money came in late that they were a one-point favorite by the time the game kicked off.

Anyway, that $623,000 bet on the Panthers is just small piece of the puzzle on Super Bowl Sunday. The American Gaming Association estimates that $4.2 billion will be wagered on the Panthers-Broncos game, and only about $100 million of that will be legally wagered in Nevada.

Big money is being bet on the Big Game. (
Big money is being bet on the Big Game. (CBS Sports)