Sunday night on "60 Minutes," a former porn star who is suing the President of the United States of America will reveal details about her story involving Donald Trump and an affair she claims they had in 2006 and 2007. It's a remarkable sentence to write, and it should be a remarkable story to hear when Stormy Daniels gives her interview to Anderson Cooper at 7 p.m. ET Sunday night on CBS.

Read the full Stormy Daniels interview transcript here.

There is, oddly enough, a connection to the NFL in this unexpected story. Daniels' attorney, Michael Avenatti, has actually sued the NFL on multiple occasions. 

Avenatti first migrated into the NFL's spectrum following the 2011 season and the seat fiasco from Super Bowl XLV. Essentially there were around 1,000 fans who purchased tickets to the game but did not have seats when they arrived to the new Cowboys Stadium. Avenatti led the lawsuit against the NFL on that front.

In 2016, Avenatti claimed that the NFL spent more than $20 million defending itself from the seat lawsuit.

Avenatti was also involved in a lawsuit against the NFL in which he sued the league after the NFL canceled the Hall of Fame game back in 2016. Fans who planned to attend the game felt misled about how things went down and were quite angry. Avenatti gathered a group of them to file a lawsuit against the NFL

And now he's going to take on the President. Suffice to say, Avenatti will play a big role in the public-relations approach for Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. She is suing Trump and claiming her confidentiality agreement is void in part because Trump did not sign said agreement. 

President Trump is suing Daniels for $20 million and claiming she breeched the agreement. 

The attorney claims that not everything involved in the case from an evidence perspective will be "on display" during the interview.

The "60 Minutes" interview will also "include an examination of the potential legal and political ramifications of the $130,000 payment that President Trump's attorney Michael Cohen says he made to Daniels using his own funds."