A new Monmouth University poll says the Eagles will be America's team on Sunday when they face the favored Patriots in Super Bowl LII. Known for its political polling, Monmouth University found that four out of 10 Americans, out of 806 surveyed, are rooting for the Eagles, whereas fewer than two out of 10 are pulling for the Patriots. 

This is hardly a surprise. This year's poll follows previous trends, which indicate that Americans simply don't like the Patriots dominating the NFL. Some people may find it boring, whereas others might not like the fans, but dynasties are almost as tough to topple as they are to maintain.

The poll was conducted from a random sample of 806 adults in English. In the Northeast, where both teams reside, the Patriots had a slight edge among those polled. Outside of that, however, the Eagles were on top -- with 45 percent of respondents picking the Eagles and 28 percent going for the Patriots. Cumulatively, the results were still skewed, with 43 percent on Team Eagles and 18 percent favoring the Pats.

As for other questions on the survey, we got a glimpse into why Super Bowl Sunday is the most premium advertising day of the year. 49 percent of those surveyed said that they found the commercials to be the most interesting part of the game. One of the sillier questions was whose fans would be scarier meet in a dark alley: 17 percent said Eagles, five percent said Patriots, and an additional nine percent said both. 65 percent, who presumably have never been to the Northeastern part of the country, said neither.

Regardless of fan violence, the results are in. America is rooting for the Eagles. But is there really any surprise? People are sick of seeing the Patriots dominate, clearly.