You probably had to pay an insane amount of money if you managed to get tickets to see the Rams and Patriots square off in in Super Bowl 53 today, which kicks off in a matter of minutes. You'll be even more shocked at how much they're charging for concessions at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium If you can find your way in for the big game, though ... but in a good way.

Super Bowl LIII will air on CBS and stream here on and the CBS Sports App for free on most connected devices.

At a regular NFL game, it's not out of the ordinary to drop upward of $10 for a single beer -- unless you're an Oakland Raiders fan, in which case you'll need a crisp $20 bill for a single beverage. For a hot dog, you'll probably need at least another $5 to $6 (if you're lucky). And don't get us started on the chicken tender baskets.

You won't be draining your wallet at nearly the same rate at Super Bowl LIII, however. As ESPN noted via Instagram, the concession prices at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, which are famously inexpensive throughout the year, will remain unusually low for Super Sunday despite the Rams-Patriots showdown marking the biggest -- and likely most-watched -- game of the season.

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Still want that hot dog? That'll be $2. A refillable soda? Same price. How about nachos and cheese? Only $1 more. Dare we ask about the beer price? Surprise: Only $5. And that dreaded chicken tender basket? An affordable $6.

It's not that those prices are insanely low as much as they resemble, you know, normal prices -- ones that don't require you to take out a small loan before attending a game. Heck, even the gas station hot dogs run for $2 at some places! Mercedes-Benz Stadium also offers the abnormally cheap menu during Falcons home games.

The only drawback for Super Bowl goers on the concession front? One of the most famous food brands available at the stadium, Chick-fil-A, will not be opening its doors for the big game. The chicken sandwich chain has a popular location inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium concourse, but the restaurant has closed all locations every Sunday since its debut in 1946, as Sports Illustrated reported, allowing its employees to "set aside one day to rest and worship if they choose." Super Bowl LIII won't change that.