Patrick Mahomes is on a historic pace among NFL quarterbacks, setting numerous records throughout a player's first 46 starts as he has been redefining the position. A Super Bowl victory would put Mahomes in his own stratosphere among NFL quarterbacks, as he would become the youngest quarterback to win two Super Bowls and he would join Tom Brady as the only quarterbacks to win two Super Bowls in their first four seasons in the league. 

For Mahomes to win his second Super Bowl, he has to defeat Brady -- the greatest quarterback of all time. Brady has all the records among NFL quarterbacks when it comes to Super Bowls, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback also is the league's all-time leader in passing touchdowns and quarterback wins -- along with ranking in the top three in many other categories. 

Mahomes can catch Brady if he continues this historic pace for over a decade, while racking up the Super Bowl championships in the process. The "baby GOAT" has a lot of work to accomplish in order to catch Brady, even though all of Brady's records are reachable for a player as talented as Mahomes. 

Super Bowl LV is almost here, and you can watch it for free on the CBS Sports App.

In this Super Bowl edition of "By The Numbers," we're taking a look at what Mahomes actually has to do in order to catch Brady. 

Mahomes stats vs. Brady's stats (career)

Passing yards per game

  • Brady -- 263.1
  • Mahomes -- 307.7

Touchdown passes per game

  • Brady -- 1.93
  • Mahomes -- 2.48

Wins per season 

  • Brady -- 12.05
  • Mahomes -- 12.33

Yards Per Attempt

  • Brady -- 7.5
  • Mahomes -- 8.4

Passer Rating 

  • Brady -- 97.3
  • Mahomes -- 108.7

Mahomes is shattering Brady's pace through the first 46 games of his career, but how many games does he need to actually catch the GOAT in passing touchdowns and passing yards? We're going to keep the 16-game season in place (for now), as Brady is the NFL's all-time leader in passing touchdowns (581) and second in passing yards (79,204).

Mahomes is already at 114 touchdown passes for his career and is at a 2.48 touchdown per game pace. If Brady doesn't expand his total (he will), Mahomes is 467 behind Brady on the all-time list. Mahomes will need 188 games to match Brady's total, reaching the feat 12 years from now. He will be 37 when he gets to 581, besting Brady's mark by six years. Mahomes averages 38 touchdown passes a season while Brady averages 30.6. 

Brady is also the NFL's leader in wins (230) and will continue to add to that total as long as he keeps playing. For Mahomes to catch Brady in victories, he'll catch Brady in the middle of his 15th season -- at the age of 40. That record seems unattainable on Mahomes' current pace -- and he'll have to actually play until he's 40. If Andy Reid sticks around the majority of that time, Mahomes has a shot.  

Drew Brees is the league's all-time leader in passing yards (80,358) while Brady is second (79,204). Mahomes is 66,202 yards behind Brees and will catch him in 215 games -- or by the time he's 38. How long will it take for Mahomes to catch Brady? Also by the time he's 38, but in four fewer games (211 to catch Brady and 215 to catch Brees at his current pace). 

Mahomes stats vs. Brady's stats (postseason)

Super Bowl wins 

  • Brady -- 6
  • Mahomes -- 1

Super Bowl appearances

  • Brady -- 10
  • Mahomes -- 2

Super Bowl MVPs

  • Brady -- 4
  • Mahomes -- 1

Pass touchdowns

  • Brady -- 80
  • Mahomes -- 17

Pass yards per game

  • Brady -- 278.4
  • Mahomes -- 293.4

Playoff wins

  • Brady -- 33
  • Mahomes -- 6

Brady has made 10 Super Bowls in his 21 seasons, or 47.6% of his career. Mahomes has made two Super Bowls in his four seasons, or 50% of his career. Brady has won Super Bowls in six of his 20 seasons, or 30% of his career (Mahomes is at 33.3%) -- not counting Super Bowl LV results yet. If Mahomes wins Super Bowl LV at his current pace (two titles in four years), he'll get his sixth Super Bowl by age 33. 

Mahomes will need to play 34 more playoff games to catch Brady's passing yards total of 12,248 (again Brady will be adding to this total -- same as Mahomes). He'll need 26 playoff games to catch Brady's 80 touchdown passes (2.43 touchdown per game pace). At his 2.67 playoff games per full season pace, Mahomes will catch Brady's mark in passing yards by the age of 37 and passing touchdowns mark by 34. 

The Kansas City Chiefs have to make the postseason (and win playoff games) in oder for Mahomes to have a shot to catch Brady, but that shouldn't be a problem with the way Mahomes has played to start his career. The "baby GOAT" certainly has a chance to catch the "GOAT" in due time. More wins and more championships will certainly help Mahomes top Brady as the greatest ever. 

For reference, let's see where Mahomes ranks through his first 46 starts compared to everyone else to end this discussion. 

Most passing yards (through first 46 starts)

  1. Patrick Mahomes -- 14,152
  2. Kurt Warner -- 13,494
  3. Dan Marino -- 12,651

Most passing touchdowns (through first 46 starts)

  1. Patrick Mahomes -- 114
  2. Dan Marino -- 107
  3. Kurt Warner -- 99

Highest passer rating (through first 46 starts) 

  1. Patrick Mahomes -- 108.7
  2. Kurt Warner -- 100.6
  3. Aaron Rodgers -- 99.5

Fewest interceptions (through first 46 starts)

  1. Patrick Mahomes -- 24
  2. Aaron Rodgers -- 30
  3. Steve Young -- 36