Some of you may know Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins as the NFL's leader in targets, receptions, receiving yards, and first downs. Others know him simply as "Nuk."

His Twitter handle, for example, is @nukdabomb. (We can talk about Hopkins' usage of "dabomb" later.) So, why "Nuk?" Hopkins says the nickname came from his mom, who said Nuk was the only brand of pacifier he would use.

Good to know.

And for you parents out there not using Nuk pacifiers for your children ... why? There is clearly a correlation between being the most productive wide receiver in football and using Nuk pacifiers. (Note: I didn't even know Nuk was a pacifier brand until I saw this video of Hopkins, so that may not actually be true.)

DeAndre Hopkins explained the origin of "Nuk." (USATSI)