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It has been a while since left-handed hitting catcher Tom Brady was drafted by the Montreal Expos, but the 44-year-old still has some baseball skills left in him. Brady was drafted by the Expos in 1995 in the 18th round with the 507th overall pick, but decided to pursue his football career instead.

Now he is better known as the seven-time Super Bowl champion, GOAT and future Hall of Fame quarterback and it's been a while since that "hitting catcher" has hit any baseballs. 

Brady took the plate again with friend and longtime teammate Rob Gronkowski for a little batting practice and show that he's still got it.

Take a look at how he did:

When asked when the last time he hit was, Brady responded, "It's been a long f-- time," then added, "not good when someone makes an excuse before they start."

Brady's trainer Alex Guerrero was asked if he thought No. 12 could hit one over the fence, and Guerrero quickly and confidently replied, "No chance."

In the video posted, Brady was not able to hit any homers, but does have some power behind his swing. Gronk was playing outfield and recorded an out.

The duo has won multiple Super Bowls together, most recently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021. Brady retired in the offseason, but 40 days later decided he still wanted to play.

Brady's post-retirement plans are to go into the broadcast booth, but if that doesn't work out maybe he can take another swing (pun intended) at baseball.