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Buccaneers training camp has now become a family affair for Tom Brady. As the 44-year-old quarterback enters his second season with Tampa Bay, his 13-year-old son Jack has been with the club serving as a ballboy during practices. 

"It's great," Brady said Wednesday of having his son around camp. "He's at a good age. The more I get to do with him the better it is. We have a great time together and it's really a treat for me to have him. He thinks it's fun but it's probably way better for me having him out here. It's really, really cool."

He added: "He's just a great kid. I don't want to blow his head up too much. He probably wouldn't even read this. Just a real special kid. It's fun to be with him. He's good with everything, you know, let's run, go on the boat, let's golf, let's ride bikes and he is pretty cool with anything."

Similar to his father, Jack seems to be impressing the Buccaneers upon his arrival with head coach Bruce Arians saying "there's no doubt" that he's a chip off the old block to his dad. 

"He's done a heck of a job," said Arians. "He knows how to get them back. He's the 'get-back coach' right now and he's doing a hell of a job."

When informed about Arians' scouting report on his son, Brady said, "He listens pretty well. I have to keep him hydrated out there though. I'm trying to make sure he is always drinking. It's so hot out here and you always lose a lot and he doesn't think much, he's just running around. But he gets home and he's wiped out. Trying to keep his fluids in him. [He] probably hears a lot of words that he doesn't typically hear at his school but that's being on a football field."

Tampa Bay is currently rolling through joint practices with the Tennessee Titans leading up to their preseason matchup on Saturday.

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