Matt Birk remembers when training camp had fewer rules and more rigor. As he enters his 15th season at age 36, the veteran C is quick to remind the rookies that he didn't have it as easy as they do. 
With the elimination of two-a-days and fewer padded practices, Birk said he'll occasionally pull the tough-guy card from his pocket. 
"I was telling them it was uphill to the practice field, both ways," Birk said with a smile. 
Birk's not the only member of the offensive line in his mid 30s. Baltimore signed former Bengals G Bobbie Williams this offseason, who turns 36 in September. Starting LT Bryant McKinnie also has a September birthday and will be 33. 
Birk believes Baltimore can make the most of its age and experience, saying a veteran line can offer additional input in meetings and understand schematics and the approach to the game better. He believes an experienced line can outweigh the cons that come with age

"It's a great compliment to be called too old in this league," Birk said. "That's a heck of a deal. ... During the course of your career you're always going to have naysayers and that's fine. That's a source of motivation. But your main source comes from within, to prove to yourself you can do this every day."