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The Washington Football Team name is starting to grow on the fans in the DMV area, despite being the only franchise in the four major American sports without a nickname. That's just fine with team president Jason Wright, as the franchise is strongly considering making the WFT name permanent. 

"There are a set of folks that have warmed to the Washington Football Team," Wright said to ESPN's John Keim. "Some of the things that are emerging from that are the Washington Football Team has something that ties deeply to our history. It feels like that isn't jettisoning all the things we have been in the past, whereas something that's completely new might feel that way.

"It's important for a substantial part of our fan base to feel that this is a continuation of something versus a complete reset, something brand new."

The Washington Football Team name will remain in 2021 as the franchise will choose a permanent name in 2022. Washington will continue to accept fan submissions on the new name and logo until April 5, with a new name (or the current one) to be selected as early as the 2021 NFL season. The team will still keep the colors of burgundy and gold, no matter what the new nickname may be. 

Washington reportedly narrowed its search to a handful of replacement names last year, but the process remains open for any new nicknames to emerge. The early favorites for the next nickname were Redtails, Redhawks, Americans, and Warriors -- but Wright insists there isn't a leading contender this time around. 

If the Football Team name remains, Washington will have the unique identity Wright is seeking -- a name that connects to the history of the franchise.