Dak Prescott is a popular man, which doesn't exactly make life easy for Kyle Wilber.

Wilber, a linebacker for the Cowboys who also happens to look like a "38-year-old Dak Prescott" (his words, not mine), is Prescott's locker neighbor. On Thursday, he explained why his locker placement sucks as a horde of reporters surrounded Prescott's locker and, as an unintentional consequence, Wilber's locker too.

"It's 36 degrees outside and you're standing butt-naked in a towel and you're shivering and you just want some dry clothes that are being stepped on right now, because you just want your clothes," Wilber explained, before screaming "DAK!"

Nobody moved aside, despite the fact that Wilber was, in fact, wearing nothing but a towel and couldn't get to his locker without fighting his way through a crowd.

He's right by the way: He does look like a 38-year-old Prescott.

The crowd is justified, of course, considering Prescott is in the middle of a season that could end with an MVP trophy. He's guided the Cowboys to an 11-1 record, compiling the third-highest passer rating (108.6) in the NFL. He's thrown just two picks and has scored 24 total touchdowns. He's been so good that he actually stole away the starting job from Tony Romo.

That's why Wilber can't get to his locker.

"This has been since OTAs, training camp, every single day of my life," he said. "I'm just glad it's only happening now and I haven't been next to Romo my entire career."