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Super Bowl LVII was the first time that two brothers faced off against one another on the NFL's biggest stage, when Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce's teams squared off. Following the Kansas City Chiefs 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, NFL Films cameras caught Eagles center Jason and Chiefs tight end Travis sharing an emotional moment on the field.

The two also shared an embrace with their mother, Donna, who became a star throughout the week leading up to Super Bowl LVII. During the latest installment of their "New Heights" podcast, Jason and Travis Kelce took some time to reflect on just how special this experience was for them.

"The moment I saw mom is when I got really emotional because man, it was so awesome," Jason said as he tried to fight back tears. "It was awesome that she was on top of the world for a week."

"She was the heavyweight champ, man," Travis added. "She was on top of it and she shined the whole time, man. That was the coolest part. Mom, you killed it. Dad, you've been killing it."

"It was just so cool, man, to see her get to celebrate in that with us," Jason said. "It was an awesome moment. Just so happy for her and so happy that she got her moment, dad got his. so, yeah, I was — ironically, you lose the Super Bowl and you're crying after the game and they're not tears of sadness, they're tears of joy."

Even though Jason's Eagles came out on the losing end of Sunday's contest, it's clear that he was so happy for what his family got to experience. 

The Kelce brothers began their podcast this season and it ended up being incredibly successful. However, it became even more special when the two got to experience playing in the Super Bowl against each other and share that with their family.