Bengals cornerback Adam Jones could face additional discipline from the NFL for his behavior stemming from of a January arrest after pleading guilty to obstructing official police business. 

Jones was arrested back in January for three misdemeanors -- assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing official business -- and then hit with a felony charge of assault with a bodily substance after allegedly spitting on a medical staff member at jail. Jones was surprised that he was arrested, but once video emerged of him telling an officer that "I hope you die tomorrow," it was a little less surprising.

The felony was later dropped and the Bengals supported Jones through the process, although that was tougher when he decided to go off on a tirade at a reporter for asking about the incident.

"I truly apologize for what I did, my actions. I'm trying to get better every day," Jones said, via Terry Helmer of WCPO.

Watch the full apology here:

While Jones pled guilty to the single charge, he also had charges of assault and disorderly conduct dismissed. For the charge of obstructing police business, the judge in the case sentenced Jones to two days of jail time, which he's already served. 

The real problem for Jones comes with the NFL now. As a result of his guilty plea, he could face discipline from the league. 

Jones previously was suspended an entire year by Roger Goodell for off-field behavior, although his work in providing life lessons to younger NFL players might serve to mitigate some of the issues he'll face from the league office here.