For some players, the bye week is a chance to get away from football for a few days, get healthy and prepare for the rest of the regular season. Richard Sherman used it as an opportunity to make someone's life brighter. When the Seahawks cornerback found out that a four-year-old girl named Ellie lost her Richard Sherman doll -- named Shermie, naturally -- he drove to Tacoma to cheer her up. Sherman found Ellie, who was born premature and has had medical issues her entire life, at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital.

"I think she got it when she was around 18-months old," Ellie's mom, Megan Carter said, via "… I don't know why she glommed onto it, but she has carried it around everywhere; every surgery she has ever had, every hospital stay, every appointment. So she really depends on it. On Monday, she had a procedure at Mary Bridge and he got misplaced, or lost when she was moved to recovery. She was devastated. That's how this whole thing got started."

There's so much to love about this clip, starting with Ellie screaming, "Sherman!" when she first sees him.

"She kept saying, 'I can't believe you're alive, I can't believe you're alive,'" Carter said. "She doesn't really care about football, but every time he comes on the screen she freaks out and cheers for him. And every time he gets tackled or falls down, she says, 'Oh no, Shermie, is he OK?'"

Sherman didn't have a replacement Shermie among the gifts but a new doll is in the works and he plans to give it to Ellie when she attends a Seahawks practice.