We have a general idea of who's who in the NHL at the start of November, especially when it comes to the league's top contenders.

The Tampa Bay Lightning are dominant, the Toronto Maple Leafs know how to score and the Los Angeles Kings are playing stout defense.

As we prepare for a new month of hockey, however, there are plenty of questions to be raised. We have 31 of them -- one for each team -- right here:

Tampa Bay Lightning: If their scoring sprees continue at this rate, how can they not be the clear-cut favorites to reach the Stanley Cup Final? (Yes, we know it's too early, but that's why we're asking this in November.)

St. Louis Blues: How good will they be once their banged-up bench is restored to full health?

Los Angeles Kings: Was sending Ben Bishop out of town -- and reopening the door for Jonathan Quick -- the best decision they made in the offseason?

Vegas Golden Knights: Now that they've coasted through their first 10, can they prove they're formidable on the road, especially with three -- count 'em: three -- goalies now sidelined?

New Jersey Devils: Are the youngsters peaking too early, or is John Hynes' group actually one of the deepest in the Metropolitan?

Columbus Blue Jackets: Sergei Bobrovsky is still the best goalie in the NHL, right?

New York Islanders: Is John Tavares' monster week better for leverage in contract talks or better for leverage in New York's prospects at getting something massive for him at the trade deadline?

Ottawa Senators: When can we say the Sens' offense has actually surpassed Guy Boucher's defense?

Pittsburgh Penguins: What is the next option for finding a real No. 2 behind Matt Murray -- and, therefore, lessening the burden on Matt Murray?

Vancouver Canucks: Are we to believe Vancouver's puzzling offseason emphasis on adding veteran stopgaps is truly paying off?

Toronto Maple Leafs: How long can they manage with the defense they have now?

Dallas Stars: How long will it take for the Stars' new crew to fully gel, and if/when they do, are we talking about a serious challenger for the Central?

Anaheim Ducks: We know they have John Gibson insurance, but do they have enough Ryan Getzlaf insurance?

Philadelphia Flyers: What's worse for the Flyers right now: Goalie concerns over the long haul, or blue-line injuries in the short term?

Winnipeg Jets: If Connor Hellebuyck somehow holds up down the stretch, are the Jets legitimate playoff contenders?

San Jose Sharks: Even with the sentiment of Joe Thornton and the prowess of Brent Burns, this team isn't actually better than the Oilers, is it?

Colorado Avalanche: Is all their idle early-season practice time going to help or hurt them?

Nashville Predators: What's the solution behind Pekka Rinne (because Juuse Saros doesn't seem to be it)?

Chicago Blackhawks: Have we already seen the best of Chicago's nostalgically reunited bunch?

Calgary Flames: Can Johnny Gaudreau be cloned (because he's exactly what's going right in Calgary)?

Boston Bruins: Is the cure for heartbreak simply helping out Tuukka Rask with more consistency in front of the net?

Washington Capitals: What's it going to take for the Capitals to find the next gear after a slow start and worse summer?

Detroit Red Wings: Will they be buyers or sellers by the time the deadline rolls around?

Minnesota Wild: Once Nico Niederreiter gets comfortable again, they'll quickly leapfrog the Blackhawks, right? 

Carolina Hurricanes: Are Carolina fans more concerned with this team's on-ice performance or its off-ice future?

Florida Panthers: Can Bob Boughner and Co. overtake Detroit and even Boston once Roberto Luongo returns?

Montreal Canadiens: How many more games until it's safe to say Montreal's scoring touch has truly returned?

New York Rangers: Will Alain Vigneault survive this horrendous opening stretch if it continues much longer?

Buffalo Sabres: Will Jack Eichel's eight-year contract still be owned by the Sabres when the Sabres are finally good?

Edmonton Oilers: How much can they get for Jussi Jokinen (because this Ryan Strome thing isn't working out)?

Arizona Coyotes: How soon until the relocation rumors resurface?