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At 5 feet 4 inches, you'd almost be forgiven for underestimating the might of Blue Jackets center Nathan Gerbe. But in doing so, you'd also risk looking quite foolish after a pair of physical highlights he put together on Thursday within seconds of each other.

The first was at the expense of Philadelphia Flyers star Claude Giroux. He knocked the Canadian right on his keister, him having seven inches on the Columbus player. Immediately afterwards, it was Travis Sanheim who made his way into the Gerbe highlight reel. The 6-foot-4 defenseman did not take too kindly to seeing his teammate get pushed over in that way and decided to hit Gerbe with his stick. It's at this point the Blue Jacket turns around, tosses his gloves and gets into it with Sanheim. The two are tangled and upright for just a couple seconds before Sanheim falls to the ground with Gerbe on top of him, giving a victory for not just the smaller player, but shorter men everywhere.

This is certainly a more flattering portrait of Gerbe's height than others have been in the past. Just last month, the Columbus player went viral when a photo of Zdeno Chara, the tallest player in the NHL at 6-foot-9, towering over him was posted on his Twitter page.

It should be clear by now that Gerbe hasn't let his height stop him from having a prolonged professional career. He's been in the NHL for 10 seasons, scoring 62 goals, and racking up 85 assists, through 421 career games.