The Penguins were pretty much in a must-win situation heading into Thursday's Game 4 in Pittsburgh. They were coming off two straight losses to the Capitals with the prospect of going down 3-1 in the series as it heads back to Washington. They needed a win to avoid a very desperate situation.

Heading into the game, the Capitals had yet to lose a road contest in these playoffs, so Pittsburgh needed to bring their best to provide a home ice advantage. Luckily, a couple of Steelers stars were around to help get the juices flowing.

Ryan Shazier -- the Steelers linebacker who suffered a serious spinal injury last season -- was one of those stars and he was fired up for the cause. He stood up out of his wheelchair on his own and brought the crowd to a roar, which is something that he's gotten pretty good at. The entire Pittsburgh community has done a great job rallying around Shazier in wake of his injury, and Thursday night was no different. All you have to do is listen. 

Oh, look ... JuJu Smith-Schuster was also there! He also earned a pretty loud ovation, and he embraced it by doing some very strange, disjointed dancing. It looked like he was enjoying himself, so good for him.

Shazier and Smith-Shuster's efforts paid off, as the crowd brought their A-game and the Penguins managed to secure a huge victory, beating the Caps 3-1 to even the series.