Barcelona’s comeback on Wednesday against PSG in the Champions League was like something we have never seen.

And sure, when you have a comeback like that in any sport, you certainly need luck on your side. Was Barcelona fortunate to get two penalty kicks in the match to help them out in Tuesday’s 6-1 win in the round of 16 second leg? Take a look.

Barcelona scored its third early in the second half when Neymar fell over a falling defender. And Lionel Messi bagged the penalty kick.

That could go either way, but it wasn’t a penalty in my book. Neymar looks for the contact, and it isn’t like a challenge produced the penalty. But credit to the Brazilian for getting the call.

And then there is the big one, the penalty call on Marquinhos in stoppage time that saw Neymar convert for a 5-1 lead. Suarez got a little contact, actually getting hit in the neck, and the penalty is called. Take a look.

Also not a penalty in my book. A little hit to the neck, and he goes down like that? To me, those are two soft penalties that shouldn’t have been called.  

In the end Barca gets the calls it needed and the goals it needed, and with that we have something like we have never seen in Champions League history. 

Luck is always needed and Barcelona certainly had it.

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