Marco Asensio is set to miss Real Madrid's Champions League opener on Wednesday against APOEL, but you won't believe why. In a press conference this week leading up to the game, manager Zinedine Zidane told reporters that he had a "pimple ... which stopped him pulling up his socks." According to Spanish press ABC, the rising superstar picked up an infection following shaving his legs. That's right, a shaving injury will keep him off the field. He reportedly shaved off a pimple on his leg and got an infection that doesn't allow him to pull up his socks. 

Freak injuries are common in most sports. Who can forget baseball slugger Sammy Sosa injuring himself while sneezing back in 2004. However, this is still one of the weirdest reasons to ever miss a game. And, it might sound strange that soccer players shave their legs, but many do since they spend so much time wearing high socks and shin guards. It's just easier to have their legs shaved. 

When asked how soon he would be able to return to training, Zidane said the following: "Marco is more or less there. He still has a little ways to go…"  Luckily for Real Madrid, they should probably get by a team like APOEL without Asensio's services ... especially since Cristiano Ronaldo (who is serving a La Liga suspension) is eligible to play.  

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