Leicester City was by far the best team in the Premier League this season, with its Cinderella story captivating the world as the Foxes clinched the crown by 10 points for its first top flight trophy in history. But not far behind the fantastic team are the fans, who came out to show their support on Monday at the team's victory parade. Check out the amazing scenes.

Look how many people are there.

It was almost tough for the team to get into the celebration area.

And you know Jamie Vardy was having himself a party.

And don't worry, Claudio Ranieri was there. The manager probably has lunch scheduled with his mother for sometime this week.

I have a feeling this party is going all summer long. Leicester City, champion of the Premier League. Still so unbelievable to think, nearly impossible to truly digest. It's a dream come true for the fans of the club, one that they never want to wake up from, and their attendance at the parade shows just how much it means to every single one of them.

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