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A 20-year-old fan has been banned from PSV Eindhoven's stadium for the next 40 years after a February incident in a Europa League match in which he invaded the pitch to attack Sevilla goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic. According to a report by the Associated Press, the fan in question will be prohibited from entering Philips Stadium after a series of incidents culminating in the stunt that occurred in a match between PSV and Sevilla.

According to Dutch authorities, the man concerned was under the influence of alcohol when he ran onto the field to confront Dmitrovic, punching him in the face before the Serbian goalkeeper wrestled him to the ground and stewards intervened to take him off the field. The man had two previous convictions for soccer-related offenses and had a stadium ban imposed on him by the Dutch soccer federation, but he had been able to get in using a ticket that a friend bought.

Dmitrovic was not injured in the scuffle, suffering only a bruise to his neck, but urged UEFA to take action in post-game.

"I have never seen anything like it," Dmitrovic told Movistar Plus after the game. "I'll keep my mouth shut so I don't say what I would really like to do in that moment.

"He wanted to hurt me, it's a shame that something like this happens [on a] football field. UEFA must intervene."

In addition to the 40-year stadium ban, the man in question also reportedly was fired from his job and banned from his team's supporters' club. PSV general manager Marcel Brands says that the incident has prompted the team to discuss how stadium bans against unruly fans can be better enforced.