Stair climbers are usually only spotted at professional gyms, but they're a great addition to a home gym setup. Like treadmills, stair climbers can be great for cardio conditioning. That means your body will get more efficient at using oxygen so you can push yourself without feeling exhausted or out of breath, leading to improved performance and improved health across pretty much every measure.  

Some stair climbers even add resistance handles so you can train your upper body while you're climbing, making them the ideal full-body strength and cardio machines. So if you're ready to step up your home workout, check out our favorite stair climbers for home gyms that you can buy online.

Best stair climber for small spaces: MaxiClimber


If you want a stair climber at home but you just don't have the space for a bulky machine, this compact vertical climber is perfect. It's lightweight and boasts a small footprint, with unfolded dimensions of about three feet wide and two and a half feet long. And if that's not small enough, it folds easily for storage so you can put it away in between workouts.

"I keep it right outside my office door where I can climb on for a couple minutes, get off and resume my work," said one reviewer.

Instead of climbing stairs, the MaxiClimber is designed to mimic the full-body workout of climbing a ladder. Your own bodyweight creates resistance as you alternate pressing down on each pedal (or pushing down on each handle for an upper body workout).

The compact and affordable climber has earned more than 6,200 5-star ratings, with multiple reviewers saying they could feel the burn within minutes and calling it "an intense cardio workout." Normally priced at $300, you can get one for yourself for just $199 right now while it's on sale at Amazon.

Top features of the MaxiClimber:

  • The lightweight and foldable design can fit in the smallest of home gym setups and stows away easily when not in use.
  • The simple-to-use equipment is convenient for squeezing in a few minutes of cardio whenever you can throughout your day.
  • The handles and pedals let you alternate between working your legs or working your arms.
  • The adjustable height lets you set the maximum extension on each pedal and handle to best match your height.
  • With no electricity needed, this machine doesn't need to be near an outlet.
$199 at Amazon

Best hybrid stair climber-elliptical machine: Bowflex Max Trainer M8


The Bowflex Max Trainer M8 is part stair climber, part elliptical machine and packed with advanced features. That includes 20 resistance levels so you can make each workout as intense (or as mild) as you want. Adjust the intensity as you go or choose from one of the preset workout programs so you can just focus on your form while the machine automatically adjusts the resistance.

If you get the JRNY membership ($20 per month), you can skip the preset workouts and get personalized, adaptive workouts based on your current fitness level and your goals. The Max Trainer M8 can automatically adjust its settings to follow your personalized training routine.

The 4.5-star rated Bowflex Max Trainer M8 is on sale for $1,716 (reduced from $1,899).

Top features of the Bowflex Max Trainer M8:

  • A Bluetooth armband is included to track your heart rate so you don't have to check in by grabbing the handle sensors.
  • The magnetic media shelf securely holds your tablet or mobile device so you can catch up on your favorite shows, FaceTime with a friend, read an eBook or follow one of JRNY's immersive virtual courses.
  • 20 resistance levels let you start at your current fitness level and build up strength as you go.
  • The digital display can store up to four separate user profiles so everyone can track their workout history.
$1,715 at Amazon

Best classic stair climber: GMWD Stairmaster


The GMWD Stairmaster is a great pick for anyone who wants a traditional staircase design in a stair climber. The rotating steps each come with great traction and electromagnetic braking so you can step confidently and stop the machine quickly whenever you need to.

Choose from 12 built-in workout programs or just turn it on and adjust the speed on the LED display. While you're working out, the stair climber's display will show you your time, calories burned and how many steps you've climbed so far. The handles even have built-in pulse sensors so you can check your heart rate as you go and adjust your intensity up or down as needed to stay in your target zone.

Be sure to apply the $250 coupon on Amazon before checkout to get the best price.

Top features of the GMWD Stairmaster:

  • Wide 22-inch steps with rubber traction give your foot a comfortable place to land for better balance and stability as you climb.
  • Features 12 built-in workout programs, including targeted ones for interval training, calorie burn, strength and more.
  • The machine arrives 90% pre-assembled so you set it up quickly and start your training.
$2,450 at Amazon

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