Muncy said Monday in an appearance on MLB Network that he isn't healing as quickly as anticipated after he sustained a torn UCL in addition to a dislocation of his left elbow in October, Matthew Moreno of reports. "That's what happens when you do some serious damage to your body. A torn UCL is a slow process," Muncy said.

When Muncy first suffered the injury in the team's Oct. 3 regular-season finale against the Brewers, the Dodgers were initially secretive about the extent of his elbow issue. Muncy didn't resume baseball activities after injuring his elbow and was ultimately left off the roster for the wild-card round, NLDS and NLCS, but a firm diagnosis wasn't provided until the 31-year-old shed light on his situation Monday. While Muncy has seemingly avoided surgery on the elbow and has instead gone the rest-and-rehab route, the nature of his injury could make it difficult for him to gain full clearance for the start of spring training in late February. Muncy's uncertain health could make a risky investment for fantasy managers drafting early in 2022, as more information on where he stands in his recovery may not come until closer to spring training.

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