One of the weird things about doing Dynasty tiers is that you can end up with guys at totally different stages of their career in the same tier. That's because the tiers are based more on my evaluation of their current Dynasty values than any other similarity they may share. 

That's not to say there aren't some very similar players tiered together. For instance, Tier 1 is just a pair of young wide receivers from LSU who have spent the past two seasons rewriting the rookie record book. But since virtually everyone has Ja'Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson in Tier 1, we don't need to spend much time on them. Tier 7, on the other hand, should draw some debate.

All three players in Tier 7 are at different stages of their career, but2022 feels like a crossroads for Brandon Aiyuk, Mike Williams, and Christian Kirk.

Aiyuk is entering his third year in the league which can be a breakout season for receivers, but right now AIyuk looks like the third wheel in the passing game. Deebo Samuel and George Kittle appear to be well ahead of Aiyuk, which is a problem because the 49ers were a low-volume passing attack with Jimmy Garoppolo. If Trey Lance takes over this year the volume (and accuracy or targets) could decrease even further. It appears the only path to Aiyuk increasing his value is supplanting either Samuel or Kittle in the passing game.

Williams and Kirk are in different situations because they're entering free agency. While both are coming off of career years, there are negative factors that could prevent teams from breaking the bank on them. For Williams it's his age and inconsistency, for Kirk it's the fact that even his career year came in below 1,000 yards. Landing spot will matter a lot for both of these receivers, but even then we'll be guessing. The truth is that they both have uncertain values until we see how they fit in on their new teams.

If I had to label one from this tier a buy, it would be Kirk, and Aiyuk would be the sell. But any trade involving the receivers in Tier 7 carries significant risk this offseason.

Here are my updated Dynasty tiers at wide receiver.