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What is the Trade Values Chart? Since its creation in 2011, CBS Sports has been the home of the original Fantasy Football Trade Values Chart, designed to help guide you in making fair trades in your non-PPR, PPR and SuperFlex/2QB leagues. Values are determined by expected future performance, future schedule and public sentiment, not past performance. 

The values assigned to the players below are a long-term measurement of their Fantasy value. By adding two players' values you could determine what one player you should be able to get in return. However, Fantasy managers should take off 20% of the value in any trade where one side has two or more players than the other. And new for this year, a handful of quarterbacks and others only carry legitimate value in two-QB or PPR leagues (and thus have no value listed in one-QB or non-PPR leagues). 

This list also works as a "Rest of Season" rankings. Also, any player not on the chart should be considered valued at no more than four points.

Running Back

D. HenryTENRB4647
C. McCaffreyCARRB4549
D. CookMINRB4548
A. JonesGBRB4043
A. KamaraNORB3740
N. ChubbCLERB3333
A. EkelerLACRB3237
E. ElliottDALRB3133
S. BarkleyNYGRB2931
C. CarsonSEARB2830
J. MixonCINRB2729
N. HarrisPITRB2327
J. TaylorINDRB2325
A. GibsonWASRB2324
D. MontgomeryCHIRB2021
D. SwiftDETRB1722
D. HendersonLARRB1618
M. SandersPHIRB1517
C. Edwards-HelaireKCRB1516
J. JacobsLVRB1414
J. RobinsonJACRB1315
K. HuntCLERB1113
D. HarrisNERB1111
J. WilliamsDENRB1111
C. EdmondsARIRB1012
M. GordonDENRB1010
M. GaskinMIARB810
E. MitchellSFRB88
M. DavisATLRB79
T. PollardDALRB78
C. HubbardCARRB78
A. MattisonMINRB78
T. WilliamsBALRB77
C. PattersonATLRB68
J. WilliamsDETRB67
L. FournetteTBRB67
T. SermonSFRB66
Z. MossBUFRB66
N. HinesINDRB57
D. SingletaryBUFRB55
M. CarterNYJRB55
J. ConnerARIRB55
S. MichelLARRB55
J. McKissicWASRB-5

Wide Receiver

D. AdamsGBWR3136
T. HillKCWR2933
J. JeffersonMINWR2630
C. KuppLARWR2428
S. DiggsBUFWR2327
D. HopkinsARIWR2225
C. RidleyATLWR2225
D. MetcalfSEAWR2125
T. LockettSEAWR2125
C. LambDALWR2023
K. AllenLACWR1924
C. GodwinTBWR1822
A. CooperDALWR1721
M. EvansTBWR1719
A. ThielenMINWR1620
D. MooreCARWR1620
M. WilliamsLACWR1620
A. BrownTENWR1517
B. CooksHOUWR1418
T. McLaurinWASWR1417
J. ChaseCINWR1417
R. WoodsLARWR1315
A. RobinsonCHIWR1214
D. JohnsonPITWR1115
T. HigginsCINWR1114
J. JonesTENWR1113
A. BrownTBWR1013
M. BrownBALWR1012
O. BeckhamCLEWR911
C. ClaypoolPITWR911
C. SuttonDENWR810
J. Smith-SchusterPITWR810
J. WaddleMIAWR710
M. ThomasNOWR710
D. SmithPHIWR79
D. SamuelSFWR79
M. JonesJACWR79
B. AiyukSFWR78
S. ShepardNYGWR69
J. JeudyDENWR69
T. BoydCINWR69
R. AndersonCARWR68
K. GolladayNYGWR68
D. CharkJACWR67
C. DavisNYJWR57
J. MeyersNEWR57
L. ShenaultJr.JACWR56
W. FullerMIAWR56
D. MooneyCHIWR56
M. PittmanINDWR56

Tight End

T. KelceKCTE3237
D. WallerLVTE2428
T. HockensonDETTE1721
G. KittleSFTE1418
R. GronkowskiTBTE1416
K. PittsATLTE1215
M. AndrewsBALTE1214
N. FantDENTE810
L. ThomasWASTE79
T. HigbeeLARTE68
R. TonyanGBTE68
D. GoedertPHITE67
J. Smith NETE56


K. MurrayARIQB2040
P. MahomesKCQB1938
R. WilsonSEAQB1734
J. AllenBUFQB1730
T. BradyTBQB1530
L. JacksonBALQB1428
D. PrescottDALQB1428
A. RodgersGBQB1122
J. HerbertLACQB1122
M. StaffordLARQB1122
J. HurtsPHIQB918
R. TannehillTENQB714
K. CousinsMINQB714
D. CarrLVQB714
J. BurrowCINQB612
S. DarnoldCARQB510
J. FieldsCHIQB510
T. LanceSFQB-10
T. LawrenceJACQB-9
M. RyanATLQB-9
D. JonesNYGQB-8
B. RoethlisbergerPITQB-8
J. WinstonNOQB-8
T. TagovailoaMIAQB-7
B. MayfieldCLEQB-7
M. JonesNEQB-6
T. HeinickeWASQB-6
Z. WilsonNYJQB-5
C. WentzINDQB-5

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