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2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Can Chris Carson run away with the job in Seattle?

Chris Carson wasn't on Fantasy radars to open training camp, but he's opened some eyes. Dave Richard looks at the situation in Seattle.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Preseason takeaways on Marcus Mariota, Carlos Hyde, Ameer Abdullah and more

The standout performances from the second week of the preseason -- for better or worse -- involve two quality quarterbacks and a handful of running backs.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Has Kareem Hunt become the running back to own for the Chiefs?

Is Kareem Hunt that much better than Spencer Ware? Dave Richard dives into the latest preseason results.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Despite Rex Burkhead's big game, Mike Gillislee's return leaves us searching for clarity in Patriots' backfield

Rex Burkhead looked good, but Mike Gillislee is back at Patriots practice, opening the running back competition in earnest in Foxboro.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Here are six simple rules to land Odell Beckham, Le'Veon Bell and whoever else you want in your auction draft

If you're into bidding and nominating instead of snaking and waiting, these tips based on our 12-person auction will help set you apart from the rest of your league.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: 12-team $100 non-PPR auction

Why wait to draft players when you can shop 'til you drop for them?! Our auction results offer examples of what you might expect to see in your leagues.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Believe the hype -- Christian McCaffrey is worth a third-round pick

After an eye-opening showing against the Titans, a second projection of rookie Christian McCaffrey reveals his value as a top-35 choice on Draft Day.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Jaguars' messy preseason downgrades Leonard Fournette, Allen Robinson

Blake Bortles isn't the answer in Jacksonville, but neither is Chad Henne. Both will struggle behind a weaker-than-expected O-line, which means trouble for Leonard Fournette and Allen Robinson.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Still want to draft Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott? Here's your championship plan

A six-game suspension shouldn't stop you from drafting Ezekiel Elliott in 2017. You just have to know when to go for it and who to draft later on to make it a success.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Tight End Tiers 3.0

A Draft Day plan revolving around tight ends?! It might seem a little crazy, but if you pinpoint the tight ends you like and ignore the ones you don't, you can put it together

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Wide Receiver Tiers 3.0

Sammy Watkins is the new No. 1 receiver in L.A., opening the door for a surprising new No. 1 guy in Buffalo. Plus Robby Anderson and Kenny Golladay stake claims to new spots in the tiers.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Running Back Tiers 3.0

Leonard Fournette has a foot issue that has the Jaguars keeping him shelved. It might have hurt his draft stock if we hadn't seen him rumble in preseason action last week.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Quarterback Tiers 3.0

Andrew Luck's not practicing and his Fantasy Football stock keeps sliding. See how he measures up in the latest version of Dave Richard's Quarterback Tiers.

2017 Fantasy Football Draft Prep: Todd Gurley doesn't look better, but Kelvin Benjamin is showing signs in preseason

While Todd Gurley continued to struggle behind a subpar offensive line, Kelvin Benjamin reminded the world of what he's capable of doing.

2017 Fantasy Football Preseason Takeaways: Kenny Golladay among top sleepers after the first week of games

Kenny Golladay went from unknown to Fantasy sleeper after his two-touchdown game, but he's not the only potential sleeper for Fantasy owners to know about.

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