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Bears coach Matt Nagy backed off his promises that Andy Dalton would be his starter when healthy, announcing Wednesday that Justin Fields will be his starter in Week 5 against the Raiders and moving forward. That comes despite Dalton being cleared to practice in full Wednesday, with Nagy saying there is no scenario short of injury where Fields won't remain the starter.

That's the right call for the Bears moving forward, obviously. Dalton was always going to be just a placeholder for Fields, and his skill set obviously raises the ceiling of the entire Bears offense. But how excited should Fantasy players be about Fields for the rest of the season? Based on what we've seen so far through two starts, there hasn't been much to get excited about, unfortunately. 

And that isn't because of Fields, who actually threw the ball really, really well in Week 4 against the Lions, completing 11 of 17 for 209 yards. The problem is, I'm not sure I fully trust Nagy to put Fields in a position to succeed the way he needs to. Fields has looked really good throwing the ball down the field, but Nagy hasn't really done much to alter his scheme to give Fields easy throws or to take advantage of his obvious gifts.

To start with, Fields has just six rush attempts through his first two starts, and two of those were kneel downs. Of the remaining four rush attempts, only two were actually designed runs: 

Per TruMedia, the Bears ran just one read-option run play Sunday, a give to David Montgomery. Without knowing the actual play call, differentiating between a true option play and a run designed to look like one can be an imperfect science, but given Fields' lack of rushing opportunities, I think it's fair to say that number probably isn't far off. They used run/pass options a decent amount in Week 4, but I counted only five plays over the two starts where the Bears got Fields on the move on a pass play. 

I think Fields is a better passer than he gets credit for, but there's no doubting that what makes him a special player is his 4.46 speed at 6-foot-3, 227 pounds. Failing to take advantage of that as often as you can just feels like a failure on the part of the coaching staff, and helps explain why Fields has been so underwhelming so far as a starter. I think it was also part of why Mitchell Trubisky was so underwhelming after his apparent 2018 breakout -- he went from 32 designed runs in 15 games in 2018 to 26 in 15 in 2019 to just 16 in 10 games in 2020. 

And, if that remains the approach, I don't think Fields is going to be the must-start Fantasy QB we all know he could be. I'm not expecting him to be Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, or Kyler Murray as a rusher -- he was never that prolific in college -- but it should be a big part of his game, ala Josh Allen. Through two games, the Bears have used him pretty much the same way they used Dalton, and that just isn't good coaching. 

Of course, maybe they were hesitant to fully build the offense around Fields' skills until they were ready for him to be the full-time starter. That would still be bad coaching, especially considering it only took two games for them to commit to Fields anyways, but it would be a reason to be more optimistic about his chances of breaking out moving forward. 

And I do think you have to be optimistic while retaining a healthy skepticism. Fields has a ton of potential, and the emergence of Darnell Mooney as a complement to Allen Robinson gives him a solid pair of playmakers there. The Bears need to find a way to get Robinson going -- as anyone with Robinson on their roster surely knows -- but Fields did hit Robinson on all three of his targets in Week 4 for 63 yards, a step in the right direction.

If the Bears naming Fields the starter means they are going to commit to playing to Fields' strengths, his upside for Fantasy is incredibly high, and that upside makes him worth rostering in all leagues. He also provides a higher ceiling for the Bears offense as a whole than the average-at-best Dalton. We'll need to see them actually commit to using Fields the way he should be, which is why he's a risky start in Week 5 against the Raiders, and why Damien Williams is probably the only must-start player on the roster as he fills in for the injured David Montgomery. But I'm going to keep holding Robinson with the bet that they'll figure out how to get him going. Both he and Mooney have top-24 potential, and Cole Kmet is worth watching in case they can get him going, too. 

That upside is what you're chasing here, and this Bears offense has plenty of that if they're ready and willing to tap into it. 

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