The New York Yankees and Houston Astros will kick off the 2017 American League Championship Series on Friday night in Houston. Before the best-of-seven series gets started, however, both teams needed to release their rosters. They did just that on Friday morning.

Here's how the Yankees will enter the ALCS:

If that looks exactly like the Yankees' ALDS roster, that's because it is. THe Yankees will roll with the same 25, right down to the same assortment of pitchers. 

The Yankees will start Masahiro Tanaka in Game 1, followed by Luis Severino in Game 2, CC Sabathia in Game 3, and Sonny Gray in Game 4.

Here's how the Astros picked:

Whereas the Yankees didn't make any changes, the Astros did. First baseman Tyler White is off the roster, while right-hander Collin McHugh is on. The Astros otherwise stayed true to their ALDS bunch.

Houston will trot out Dallas Keuchel in Game 1. Justin Verlander will start Game 2. Presumably one of McHugh, Peacock, and Morton will start Game 3, with the rest of the series up in the air depending on how things play out.